Thursday, January 28, 2010


Kabutchka \kə-'buch- kə\  n 1:a term of affection for a dear friendThis is a friend with whom you can share anything and they completely get you.   ex You see(or think of) something that you think is funny that you know no one else will appreciate except your kabutchka.  You can  hardly wait to call her and share a laugh
2: a completely made up word 

Let us introduce ourselves, we are Mary and Sophie.  We became friends 20 years ago while attending Clemson University. Our lives have since taken us apart...  Mary now lives in Denver, Colorado and Sophie lives in Toronto, Canada.  We have always enjoyed discussing life, children, crafts, decorating and any other things that life throws our way.   We were also complaining to each other that we have a ton of ideas but our biggest problem was that we never follow through on our projects.  Because of  our distance and this dilemma, our blog was born. We hope you enjoy following us on this journey as we try to finish our projects and see our ideas finally come to fruition.  This blog is our way to keep in touch with each other and to share our sometimes zany lives.   Welcome to the world of KABUTCHKA.

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