Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Woman, get control of yourself!

I had my whole morning planned out...laundry, get craft room organized, etc.  Boring. In an attempt to procrastinate,  I logged on this morning and visited some of my favorite crafting blogs.  Agh! I am so inspired by all of these creative women and their fabulous ideas.  Laundry, what laundry?  I must do a craft...right now.   Maybe before I have to pick up C(in two hours) I can hit Hobby Lobby, Joann's and Goodwill. Right?
A quick shower and I was ready to go!   I then had (an unfortunate) reality check...  I need to stay home and finish one of the thousand or so projects that I have at home.  This is my problem... I love to think up new ideas, get all of the necessary supplies and then pile it on my crafting table.  Makes for overspending, a mess and not a lot of crafting...

Anyway, I decided to embellish a sweater I had recently purchased at Target for $4.98 (love those bargains).  This should satisfy the beast...  hmmm...what to put on it?  I saw  some trim at Hobby Lobby...maybe if I just ran in and got what I needed (without any unnecessary wandering).  OK, yes, I can do that...

I am proud to say that I did just stay in the fabric department.  That counts, right? 

Left after a few minutes with a cute trim and some burlap (another project).  Well, I was already there...might as well kill two birds.

Here is the finished project.  What do you think?

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