Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cake Decorating Party

Ella's Birthday Party!

*Cake Decorating*

For Ella's 8th birthday party we decided on a cake decorating theme.  We had a total of 11 girls over for the fun and festivities.  I had two dear friends and my wonderful husband helping.  Deb moonlights as a cake decorator and Aimee is a professional chef.   Deb taught them how to frost, use piping bags and sculpt with fondant.  They didn't need any help on how to eat the frosting.  I think more ended up in their mouths than on the cakes.  

Here are the invitations ( I was going to have some printed) but I found these at Michael's... $1 for 10!  Perfect!  Also, got the matching place mats for the girls to decorate their cakes on. I covered the table with a vinyl fabric and then set each place with a place mat, individual 6" cake, knife, journal and pencil.

For the favors, I got plain aprons at Hobby Lobby.  I then cut out felt cupcakes and used my new needle punch machine to attach to the apron.  It took less than an hour.  Oh, how I love that machine!  I decided the aprons needed a little bling so I ended up adding ball fringe across the top.  I probably would have done more if I hadn't run out of time.

The girls all gathered around the table and Deb showed them how to do the frosting layer. Before they got started,  they got to take a peek at the different frosting, fondant and sprinkles.

Then, each girl had a notebook (cake themed, of course) to draw the design for her cake. Deb showed them how to work with the different frosting tips and they got to work!    It was fun to watch...some used only frosting, others used lots of sprinkles and some made shapes out of the fondant. Here are some of the designs...  Pretty great, I think!



After they each finished the individual cakes they got to decorate the birthday cake.  I got a large sheet cake with plain frosting and Deb drew a grid.  Each girl got to decorate a square for Ella!


We all sang Happy Birthday, played some food themed games--jumping for marshmallows, cake walk and  a marshmallow relay.  Each girl got to take home her apron, journal and decorated cake.  What a fun time!

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